Monday, November 10, 2008

Analyzing The Economic Meltdown

The new AC/DC video has been released in Microsoft Excel format. Check it out here.

So the people who are manning the balance sheets of Corporate America are die-hard AC/DC fans, huh? Kinda explains a lot.

New Forms Of Greeting

Scientists are working on a way to identify people by the way they smell - called "Odourprinting."

I highly suggest printing out the web page. If I had it earlier when I thought I recognized the woman in line in front of me and sniffed her butt to check, I'm sure the printout would have helped me explain the situation to the cops.

Uncomfortable Real Estate Transfer

The Obamas visited the White House today at the invitation of the Bush family.

I know it's not really their house, and they know it. And it's not like they're not prepared that they have to leave, and all's fair in political campaigns.

Still, wouldn't it be uncomfortable getting kicked out of your house by someone who earned the right to your house by convincing 60 million people you're an incompetent boob, then have to invite them in to help them kick you out?

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